Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I jumped on the Toms bandwagon a few months ago.  I did it because they were red, and the perfect shoe for the Badger Football season.  

I'm so glad I did.  I love them more than I thought I would.  My only problem is that I sometimes work too hard to coordinate what I wear them with since they are red, but then I remember that they are sort of like hippie shoes, and hippies wear whatever the heck they want to, matching or not.  Right?  No offense to any hippies who may be reading this.

Stop trying to match your Toms to your outfit, Jess.  Or maybe don't.  Maybe be who you are, and wear the Toms perfectly coordinated with an outfit.  Either way, they rock.  And now I'm mildly obsessed with what my next pair will be.

I do LOVE the cause, so of course I should buy more, right?

So, which ones should I get next?

This pair, because they are herringbone.  Hello.  (and my wedding colors) 


Or this pair, to wear for wedding strike, at the end of the night, when my dogs are barking.  

What is that?  Get both?  OK!  

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

new girl in town

I love her.  I am going to love her new show.  I hope.

I am so excited for Zooey Deschanel's new show, "New Girl" which premieres tonight on Fox.  She's just so adorable, I kind of want to put her in my pocket.  Aside from what I think will be a fun and original show, I'm also looking forward to seeing her sporting some super cute dresses!  Anyone else excited for this show?   

Friday, September 9, 2011


Has it really been so long?  My goodness, I've missed the blog.

This summer has been INSANE!  But in a wonderful way.  Wanna play a little catch up?  Ok.  Me too!

Since it has literally been an ENTIRE season since I've blogged and since I love inspiration boards, why not tell you about what I've been up to the best way I know how?  

From top left: 
1) Adam and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary with red velvet cake on a rooftop garden downtown. 2) CABO for my birthday! Mmm. guacamole!  3) I created the perfect summer cocktail.  4) Wine tasting in Solvang for 4th of July, with some of the greatest friends a girl could ask for.  5) I got my rainbow cake!!  Made from scratch by the sweetest man alive.  6) I was excited to witness my husband become a first time Godfather to this little nugget.  7)  Took my best friend on a surprise Bachelorette weekend to Las Vegas.  You know what they say...what happens in Vegas, doesn't go on the blog!  8)  Took my in-laws to Catalina Island for a wonderful weekend.  9) Attended a wedding in Madison (really as a guest, it was awesome!), Bucky showed up, I freaked out.  10)  Catherine Middleton came to LA and waved at me from her car.  I freaked out even more.  11) My best friend from Hong Kong came to California for work and I was thrilled to spend the day with him.  12) Tried my hand at homemade sushi, turns out I'm pretty decent at it!  

All of that made my summer really awesome and really busy.  On top of that, I helped seven couples have the weddings of their dreams!  Hopefully I'll have pictures of those to share very soon.  

I'm happy to be back...just like football.  


Friday, June 3, 2011


June 3rd is one of my favorite days of the year.  I am one of those obnoxious people who loves their birthday.  I can't help it.  To me, it's just a day of sheer joy and utter goodness.  And today, on my day of birth, I am turning thirty.  A few months ago this number scared me.  I had a some tears about what it means and where I thought I should be and all of that mumbo jumbo.  But then, a few months went by and now here I stand a 30 year old woman and I couldn't be more excited or proud about it.  

{warning: this is long!}

Something that I have never talked about on my blog is my severe issues with body image and food.  If you know me outside of the blog, you know that this has been a current that runs through my entire life and controls me like a puppet string.  When I started modeling full-time things got a little out of control.  Then I stopped modeling and felt like I had truly lost control because I was eating again.  I have always had meltdowns about my weight and how I look.  Like, sit in the closet balling my eyes out because I can't find anything to wear that looks good on me kind of meltdowns.  

Last November, I had the largest meltdown of my life.  I was hysterical.  I absolutely hated myself and all of the fat that I felt was on my body.  I thought I was disgusting and a disgrace.  It was nasty.  

A few days after  my monster meltdown, I heard about Portia deRossi's book, Unbearable Lightness, and I read it cover to cover in a day.  It touched me in such a deep and profound way that I really thought this book was going to change my life.  I stood in line at a local Borders to get the book signed by the beautiful author and when I got to the table, I simply (and ever so dramatically) thanked her for writing the book because I felt like it really inspired me to make a change.  She looked at me, and said, "Good because life is just too short.  Enjoy it."  

It was about January when I finally decided to take action against the little body image demons that Portia talks about in her book.  I did something unheard of for me.  I hired a personal trainer.  I made a commitment (on paper) to go twice a week to meet this trainer at the gym where I had a membership that I used maybe once a month.  I told no one except my husband.  Mostly because I knew that I would never stick to such a strict work out regimen.  I didn't want people to know that I had failed.  So I kept it very tightly under wraps.  

My goal was to feel better about myself by my 30th birthday.  I'm sure I said that I wanted to "lose ten pounds" or "lose 5 inches around my hips" since I had been measuring myself with a tape measure everyday for at least two years.  Secretly, I knew that this was a pipe dream.  It was only six months away and I hated working out.  How could I ever feel good about myself again?  

Yesterday morning, I left the gym in tears.  Tears for what I have accomplished.  I literally felt overwhelmed with pride and a feeling of success.  I did it.  I stuck to the plan, I met with my trainer at the gym twice a week and for the first time in my life I do not know how much I weigh or what my measurements are.  And that feels great.  I feel liberated and healthy.  I feel stronger and leaner and most importantly I feel empowered.  

I wanted to share this story with you all because it's such a huge part of me.  I have struggling with this for a very long time and while I know it will never go away completely, for now I have found a way to silence it.  And this is the greatest birthday gift of all.  

I am thrilled about turning thirty.  A lot of people get all upset and feel really bad about it.  Not me, I'm excited.  If thirty is doing things that make you happy, knowing who you are, what you believe in and living life accordingly....if it's having a career that you absolutely love and friendships that you can't live without...if it's being in a marriage that is deeply rooted in love and respect...if it's being able to let go, say I'm sorry and have no regrets...if it's pushing yourself to be better and to learn new things...if it's building a family and a home...if it's conquering your fears and calling upon your warrior self...if it's being honest and confidant about who you are and what you need from others...if that is 30, then I'm all in!  That's what 30 seems like it will be, so I plan on hopping on a plane first thing in the morning and flying to Cabo with my one true love to ring in the beginning of what I know will be a remarkable decade.  

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts about this, you are the best.  

P.S. - I want that rainbow cake for my birthday in the worst way!  Isn't it awesome?  

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - best wishes

Exciting times.  Many "best wishes" have been flying out of my mouth lately.  

Best Wishes #1 
This gorgeous girl (aka: my bestie) got engaged last weekend.  I am giddy with excitement for her and her lovely fiance.  All I want to do is fly to NYC so I can sit in a bookstore cafe with her and page through Bridal magazines dreaming of her perfect wedding.  A lot like we did when we were 20.  Best wishes B! 

Best Wishes #2
My first wedding of 2011!  I was excited, thrilled and a little bit scared.  The night ended with a beautifully happy Mr. and Mrs.  What more can you ask for?  Best wishes D & L!  

Best Wishes #3 
Another very exciting engagement.  Best wishes to a pair of SoCal friends who always manage to brighten my day when I spend time with them.  I am so happy for you!  

Etiquette says that you are supposed to say "best wishes" to the Bride and "congratulations" to the Groom.  I have adopted this, but I say best wishes to the couple.  I'm not sure why Emily Post says to do this, but I like to do it because I feel that Congratulations feels very final.  Job well done-like.  But to me, best wishes says your journey is just beginning and I wish you the best upon it.  Best wishes for a life filled with laughter, love and everything you dream of for yourself.  Best wishes says all that I feel in my heart.  It may sound cheese-tastic, but it's the truth.  

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


That is the only morse code that I know.  And I wouldn't even know how to actually send the message that I needed help if I was trapped in my house with a murderer and all I had was a flashlight and an open window.  (Maybe I watch too many movies) 

While I don't know much about actual morse code, I do know that I could easily add this necklace to my jewelry collection and be very happy about my use of morse code.  

How cool are these?  And you can order them to send any message that you like.  A few of my favorites are YES and LOVE.  (you're shocked, I'm sure)  You can also get them custom made with your own message.  Maybe I should get a GO BE DO one to remind me every day to keep living with intention and keep growing as a woman.  

Whatever message you want to wear around your neck, I'm pretty sure this is the most dainty, delicate and chic way to say it.  

Necklaces are available HERE.  

All images from coatt jewlery.  

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

baby shower...check

Hello lovelies,
I am so sorry that the blog has been without update for so long!  There is just so much happening and something had to give, sadly it was the blog for a while.  I miss writing so I'm making a serious effort to be back.  So, here I am!

I have been totally consumed with an event that I was planning that I was trying to keep secret, I kept wanting to share things that I was finding and ideas that I was having about the party, but since I was being secretive about it, I just couldn't.   The event was this past Saturday and it was a success!!!  I am thrilled.  I can't wait to share it with you when the time is right!

I was planning a baby shower for my business partner.  No pressure there!  She's only the ultimate party planner, and an uber chic and stylish woman.  I think she was happy though, so it was all worth it!  For a little eye candy...I can finally share the inspiration board that I worked off of for the shower.

So, baby shower...check!

In other news, in less than 30 days I will be turning 30!!!  The countdown is on.  Much more to come on this.

I'm feeling like doing a little spring cleaning on the blog...anyone know how to play with blog templates?  Anyone want to help me with this?

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 25, 2011

royal wedding

They Royal Wedding has totally crept up on me!  I can't believe that it's Friday and I haven't even picked out my outfit yet.  I did a little shopping at Harrods online today and I feel better, because I'm all set.  I know it's a morning wedding, so a long, sleek dress might not be technically the best choice.  But it's a Royal Wedding and Kate is sleek and modern, so I think my choice is great. 

 I had the most fun picking out a fascinator.  In fact, I picked out two!  Can we bring fascinators to special events in America?  I'd like that.  I can't decide if I should go with the pink one and some hot pink Louboutins, or the really modern black one and some sassy gold shoes.  I have a few days to decide.  

Let's be honest, at 4 am on Friday...I'll be in my fanciest pajamas watching the wedding of the ages!  But a girl can dream.  

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - minty fresh

I've been obsessing over everything mint lately.  The subtle green color is so fresh and delicious.  I've been seeing it everywhere and I simply adore it.  I created this inspiration board for no one in particular.  Except my design self.  I just had to express what I was seeing in my head every time I saw mint in a store.  

I'd love for a client to come to me with no idea of what she wants and I can say, you should have mint and grey as your wedding colors...and then I could turn this inspiration board into a reality!  

I love the gentle mint color paired with the edgier modern elements.  And who wouldn't love to see a little flower girl traipsing down the aisle in that mint green tutu?!  It's just lovely, if you ask me!  

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - many things

I have been the worst blogger ever lately, and for that I am so sorry!  I have been very busy over here and really miss blogging!  I'm getting back to it, promise!  

I wanted to follow up on THIS post about going to the Jose Villa party solo.  It was AMAZING!  Seriously, I came home feeling like I could take over the world.  On my way there, I felt nauseous from nerves but made a commitment to myself that I would meet and talk to at least five strangers.  I did that.  I also laughed a lot.  And met Jose Villa.  And Jill Le Fleur.  I challenged myself and I came out better for it!  Everyone was so nice and let me just say that the wedding industry folks are much different than the people from THIS industry.  They are welcoming, supportive, interested and joyful.  I couldn't be happier with my new career and all of the possibilities that it holds for me.  

In other news, last week was a big week for me.  I not only booked my tenth wedding (which was my personal goal for 2011!) but also booked a client for my full-service package!!  I am over the moon with excitement that someone wants to hire me as so much more than their Day-of-Coordinator.  

Also, I am planning a monster of a baby shower.  My boss, business partner, mentor and dear friend is having a baby at the end of June and I'm planning her baby shower.  No pressure, right?  She's only the most fabulous event planner and most chic woman I know.  No pressure at all.  I wish I could share all of my ideas with you, but I'm trying to keep it under wraps.  Very soon, I'll be able to share the whole thing and my inspiration board for it!  

How visually lame is this WW post?  How about I share a inspiration board that I just finished up for a client?  She is getting married at an aquarium in San Diego and threw out the idea of liking rustic and nautical.  I was so excited, because here on the west coast we rarely get the chance to do a nautical wedding.  I love this board so much, there is something about nautical weddings that just make me swoon.  I hope this couple loves their "tie the knot" board.  I hope you do too! 


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

tap booth

Yesterday was supposed to be the Grand Opening of a new bar in Culver City called "City Tavern," owned by the same people of "Rush Street."  You're thinking who cares about another bar opening?  YOU DO.  I promise.  You want to know why?  This bar has tap booths.  That's right.  You and your buddies sit down in your booth and you have your own taps to pour from!  No waiting in line at the bar, no waitress with an attitude to deal with cause you've got your own tappers!  I love it.  

Who wants to go check out this tap booth?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Beer? 

images are from eater LA

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - flying solo

Hello lovelies!  I am so sorry that I've been away from the blog for over a week!  What the heck happened?  I'm working on a very pretty and inspiring design board to share with you, but it'll have to wait until next week.  Right now, I'm going to get ready to go to my first "industry" party.  I'm going to Jose Villa's book release party and I'm going all alone.

I'm scared as heck but I need to do this.  For myself, for my career.  I want to get to know the people that inspire me on a daily basis.  The people who write the blogs that are like my bible.  The people that I dream of working with one day.  I want them to know who I am and I want them to dream of working with me too.

I already feel intimidated by all of their greatness.  But I need to realize that I'm great too.  I can do this.  Here I go.

Friday, March 18, 2011

for Japan, with love

The images of devastation continue to pour in and all we can really do is send love, prayers, hope and money.  Have you donated yet?  Please DO it.  I am incredibly happy to work in an industry that cares so much.  Ever Ours and Utterly Engaged have organized an amazing charity.  You can read more about it and donate HERE.  

Have a beautiful weekend and keep sending love to the incredible people of Japan.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

kiss me

I'm (part) Irish.  Seriously.  I am.  

Happy St. Patty's Day everyone!!  Enjoy this day and celebrate safely!  

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - proposal

I love a good proposal story...heck, I even love a bad proposal story.  I just love hearing how that incredibly special moment went down in your history.  In fact, it's always one of the first questions that I ask potential clients when I meet with them.  I love to see them come alive as they share their story.  

This one recently appeared on Green Wedding Shoes and I thought it was too sweet not to share.  It had me in tears almost immediately.  This couple shares a serious love of movies, so the Groom knew he wanted to incorporate that into his proposal.  He made this short film and was able to sneak it into a film festival in Austin, where the Bride was attending what she thought was a night of independent art films with some friends.  Incredible.  

Love truly lifts us up, doesn't it?   

Proposal Video from Behind the Scenes on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Guess who's here?  Only two of my most favorite people in the whole wide world.  I am seriously looking forward to a few days of Mom and Dad time.  If I'm absent from the blog...these two beauties are the reason why.

Monday, March 14, 2011

bikini brain

Thirty is coming.  And it's coming fast.  As my birthday approaches there is much talk of how to celebrate it.  Thoughts of a party and a pretty party dress.  Maybe a fabulous trip and some necessary beach time.  Hell, why not both?!

Today I've got that possible trip on the brain.  I saw this bikini today and I'm pretty sure it will need to be in my suitcase when we make this trip.

Isn't it darling?  Only I want it in this color: 

Cause this color will look GREAT with a tan!  

Also, perhaps I need this...it's like the perfect-feel good-celebrating your birthday-strolling through town with a Margarita in hand dress.  

What, you mean you can't stroll through town with alcohol?  In my birthday fantasy you can, so just pretend with me.   Can't wait to finalize the plans and start shopping!  

bathing suit is J.Crew and dress from Anthropologie 

Friday, March 11, 2011

thoughts and prayers

I have always been incredibly proud of my Japanese heritage.  Years ago, I was blessed to be able to travel through parts of Japan with my Dad, Grandma and Great Uncle.  Three generations of us, traveling to meet a family member that I had only heard stories of.  It was an amazing trip and made me even more proud to call myself Japanese.

The people of Japan are proud, beautiful, honorable, brave and steeped in tradition.  My heart is breaking today for them, for all of us since we are all connected somehow.  They need our help, in the form of thoughts, prayers or donations.  It's one of those times where we need to come together as humans and help lift each other up.

Let it also be a reminder for you to really enjoy your life.  It's undeniably precious and it's too bad it often takes a disaster like this to wake us up to that.  Tell your loved ones how you feel and tell them often.  Hold no regrets or grudges.  BE well and BE happy.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - darling program

One of  my current Brides recently sent me this picture of what is possibly the most adorable wedding program I've ever seen.  I am giddy about it and just had to share it with you!  

{image by: Paulina Ulloa}

It's fun, quirky and you get such a playful sense from the Bride and Groom.  Really sets the tone for what I'm sure was a fun and relaxed wedding.  

It's very DIY-able too!  If you are computer savvy, you could design this yourself and print it from home.  Or you could have your paper goods vendor make them for you.  

Kudos to this couple for letting their personalities shine!  

To see the entire wedding click HERE.  

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


On Friday, I found out some really devastating news.  My favorite local book store is closing its doors.  It makes me beyond sad.  

I have had a long love affair with Borders Book Stores.  I believe it all began many years ago during college when my best friend and I would go there to "study" and end up with piles of magazines, cups of coffee and hours of conversation on our table instead.  

I know it's just a sign of the times, but I am going to miss it so much.  It's my escape.  I love walking through the aisles gathering books in my arms, dreaming of reading them all.  And I still love going there and sitting with more magazines than I could read through in a day.  I go there to work, I go there when I'm sad, I go there when I'm happy.  Like I said, it's my escape.  

I know there are other bookstores where I can now go, but this was my store.  It's been my store for six years...and now it's going away.  And that is sad.  

GO out and buy a book today and support your local bookstore so they don't all close in this e-reader happy society.  Savor the goodness of digging through the aisles of information and being surrounded by stories that have been around longer than any of us.  

I'll miss you Borders!  Thanks for all the wonderful magazine-reading, wedding-planning, vacation-researching, card-buying, coffee-drinking, novel-shopping afternoons that we've had together.  

Monday, March 7, 2011


What are you doing next Sunday night?  I'll tell you what you're doing.  You're going to Vertical Wine Bistro in Pasadena for All You Can Eat Fried Chicken.  I know what you're thinking...all you can eat fried chicken?  Sounds good but not really date night worthy.  Here's the thing though, Vertical Wine Bistro is a nice, chic restaurant and the way they present this all you can eat masterpiece will make you feel like you are having fine dining fried chicken.  I almost felt bad licking my fingers...almost.

It's a prix fixe three course menu and it is really delicious.  It happens every Sunday night in March and I highly recommend it.  So if you live in LA, do yourself a favor and GO!

Here's a tip:  It's ALL - all you can eat.  Even the side dishes.  I'm kind of glad I didn't know this before the end of the meal otherwise I might have only eaten the collard greens and jalapeno cornbread all night long.  Seriously get lots of the cornbread.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

baby bug

I've got the baby bug.  No, this is NOT a post to tell you all that I'm expecting.  Far from it, in fact.  But I'm pretty sure that the baby bug has bitten me.  Maybe it's because I've got a large number of friends who are having babies this summer, maybe it's because I'm planning one hell of a baby shower for a very special friend and business partner.  Or maybe it's just because.  Anyway, today I'm sharing some of my baby bug favorites.  They are random...so consider yourself warned.

{Adam was recently asked to be this little angel's Godfather, we are both very excited about this huge honor}  

{THIS is likely one of my most favorite newborn sessions that I've ever seen.  shot by Pure Light Studio}

{Photographer Carolee Beckham is pregnant and documenting it in the most creative and wonderful way. She photographs her baby bump with the fruit that represents the size of the baby each week.  I am LOVING this and her super sweet dresses make me love it even more.}  

{Lastly, did you see Modern Family last night?  "Adoption...yay!"  See the clip HERE.} 

Adam and I are in for quite a journey whenever we decide it's time to grow this little family of ours.  I'll be sure to document it as we go.  We've got some preliminary research to do before we make any decisions, but I know we are on the path.  It's cause we've been bitten...by the baby bug!  

Best wishes to all my friends who are pregnant right now, I hope you are enjoying this very special and precious time in your life.  And I can't wait to meet your little ones!  

giveaway winner

Thank you to those of you who entered the notecard giveaway!  Thank you for wanting to keep the art of the written note alive.  The winner is....

Random.org has selected SIRI as the winner of these adorable notecards!  Yay for Siri, and she says she never wins anything.  Have fun writing notes and spreading gumdrop cheer!  

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Goody Goody Gumdrops!  It's the first Go. Be. Do. giveaway!  

This giveaway is to inspire the art of the written letter, snail mail and a notecard that makes you do a little dance at the mailbox.  These bright, cheerful and playful notecards were made by yours truly!  And I'd love to give them away to a reader.  It is a set of four notecards, all four feature the same design with a different embossed phrase and a cheerful gumdrop lined envelope. 

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is be a follower of this blog and leave a comment.  The giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada.  

The winner will be chosen at random on Thursday, March 3rd at 3 pm.  

Good Luck!  And happy notecard writing!  

Monday, February 28, 2011

oscar party

I'm sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that Oscar Sunday is one of my favorite days of the year.  The fashion, the films, the dreams coming true.  I cry a lot during the show and always feel inspired by it.  This year, I picked my husband up from the airport just a few hours before the show started.  Back at home from a work trip, I was elated to spend time with him and watch the Oscars together.  

I put together a little Oscar party for just the two of us.  I decorated the table in bright red tulips and gold glitter ribbon.  I made dishes based on our four favorite "Best Picture" films and we played Oscar Bingo that I got from HERE and used THESE fancy ballots to inspire the whole shindig.  

{sorry the pictures aren't very big, I know it's hard to see the details.  Like my favorite sparkly ribbon!}

The cocktail:  Brain Juice Bellini, The Social Network.  Minute Maid makes brain juice (it's pomegranate and blueberry juice) and billionaires drink champagne, right?  So I made brain juice champagne cocktails to honor this film.  

The appetizer:  Ricotta Bruschetta, The King's Speech.  This one might be a stretch, but I saw this recipe and wanted to make it, so here's how I justified it.  I bet if you had a few cocktails and tried to say Ricotta Bruschetta really fast and a bunch of times...you'd probably stutter.  Recipe HERE...and ah-mazing!  

The entree: Shepherd's Pie, The Fighter.  Nothing like an old fashioned Irish Shepherd's Pie to celebrate this great film.  Used an old recipe and turkey meat so it was a healthier version.  It was perfect for the cold February evening.  

The dessert:  Black and White Brownies, Black Swan.  These didn't make it to the photo collage.  They maybe didn't even get their picture taken.  What?  I was hungry.  I made cream cheese swirled brownies.  Get it?  They're black and white.  Very original...I know.  

Oscar Bingo was SO much fun, I suggest you bookmark THIS website so you can download next year's version when the time comes.  

YAY for the OSCARS!  

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - darling Vera

Who doesn't love Ms. Vera Wang?  Even if you don't care for her ultra feminine wedding gowns, how can you not love her personal sense of style and wonderful self-made story?  Well, this amazing woman is at it again.  And this time she's making it happen at David's Bridal of all places!  That's right, now every woman can wear a Vera Wang gown.  The White by Vera Wang Collection arrived at select David's Bridal stores last Thursday.  

This blush creation couldn't be more dreamy or romantic and is one of my favorites from the collection.  And it's only $1200.  Seriously!  

You can check out the entire collection (she has accessories too!) on the David's Bridal website, found HERE.   

Friday, February 18, 2011

a vegan week

Since Monday my husband and I have been vegans.  I know, it's crazy to me too.  I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could do it.  I wanted to see how my body would respond.  I wanted to test my will power, but of course I felt like I couldn't do it alone.  My meat and potato loving husband took the challenge with me in solidarity.  What a trooper.  I'm such a fan of that man.  

Anyway, we have successfully made it through the work week as vegans.  It was not as bad as I thought, but I couldn't be more ready for a slice of pizza!  (random that pizza is the thing I want to break it)  Over the past five days, I've learned a few things about vegan-dom, about myself and about the food I eat.  

I've learned that: 

- There are actually a decent amount of vegan choices, it was easier to buy prepared food than I thought it would be and incredibly easy to make dinners at home.  
- I really love Trader Joe's.  
- I will now pay way more attention to what I am putting into my body.  
- I can do anything I really set my mind to.  
- I feel much lighter but also more tired.  
- It's amazing how much I didn't miss meat.  
- It's amazing how much I DID miss butter and cheese.  
- Asian food is great for a vegan diet.  
- I don't need sugar and milk in my tea, it's actually pretty good without it.  
- I have a huge amount of respect for people who can maintain this lifestyle.  

I loved the challenge to not use my go-to options for cooking dinner and making lunch.  I loved that it forced me to really think about what I was eating.  And I love that we made it, because to be honest, I didn't really think we would.  I don't think I could ever maintain such a strict diet indefinitely, but I do know that moving forward,  I will take components of the vegan lifestyle and incorporate them into my daily life.  

We did it!  Go us.  But for tomorrow...bring on the pizza.  And extra cheese on mine, please!  

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - picking colors

Once in a while, a Bride will fall in love with a picture she sees on the internet.  And this is great because it's a jumping off point for her own wedding design.  In this case, in order to help her pick a color scheme, I've made a few color combos in photoshop using the picture of the bouquet that she adores.  I'm hoping this will help her see which colors she really loves with those gorgeous flowers.  

This is a handy tip to all you Brides...play around with colors, what you like might actually surprise you.  And don't be afraid to do something you haven't seen on the blogs...strive to pick what you love, not what you think you should love or what's popular.  

Here are some options for this Bride...what do you fine readers think?  Which one is your pick?