Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Misfit Model

I've been modeling for a while now, but sometimes I just have to laugh at myself because I do not fit in with the rest of the models at the casting.

This part of my life could be a reality show. Truly, I think it would make for great tv. I wish you could hear some of the conversations that go on in the waiting rooms. I've heard some of the dumbest things ever in these tiny rooms.

One time, my mom was in town visiting and I had a casting. We were out and about and she elected to stay put in the car and read her book instead of going in and waiting with me. A girl, upon hearing this, was shocked that I left my mom in the car. "Oh my gosh, did you at least roll down the windows for her?" She was being serious.

Last week, I had a casting that left me laughing all the way home. I was called in for the role of "Bikini Girls." The description says they are looking for multi-ethnic beautiful girls, who must look hot in a bikini. Well, there's the first problem. Don't they know I'm a newlywed and gaining what is the happily married adult equivalent to the freshman fifteen? The wardrobe requested for this casting was a one-piece bathing suit.

I don't really own one, so I decide to bust out an old leotard. I think this is a pretty great idea. I put on my requisite high heels and head out.

We are called in the room, three at a time and asked to de-robe. I take off my little dress to reveal my bright blue leotard. I look to my left and right, and just start laughing. This is what I see.

Woooould we call that a one-piece? At least I've learned how to laugh at myself. That is my saving grace.

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