Monday, March 14, 2011

bikini brain

Thirty is coming.  And it's coming fast.  As my birthday approaches there is much talk of how to celebrate it.  Thoughts of a party and a pretty party dress.  Maybe a fabulous trip and some necessary beach time.  Hell, why not both?!

Today I've got that possible trip on the brain.  I saw this bikini today and I'm pretty sure it will need to be in my suitcase when we make this trip.

Isn't it darling?  Only I want it in this color: 

Cause this color will look GREAT with a tan!  

Also, perhaps I need's like the perfect-feel good-celebrating your birthday-strolling through town with a Margarita in hand dress.  

What, you mean you can't stroll through town with alcohol?  In my birthday fantasy you can, so just pretend with me.   Can't wait to finalize the plans and start shopping!  

bathing suit is J.Crew and dress from Anthropologie 

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