Friday, March 11, 2011

thoughts and prayers

I have always been incredibly proud of my Japanese heritage.  Years ago, I was blessed to be able to travel through parts of Japan with my Dad, Grandma and Great Uncle.  Three generations of us, traveling to meet a family member that I had only heard stories of.  It was an amazing trip and made me even more proud to call myself Japanese.

The people of Japan are proud, beautiful, honorable, brave and steeped in tradition.  My heart is breaking today for them, for all of us since we are all connected somehow.  They need our help, in the form of thoughts, prayers or donations.  It's one of those times where we need to come together as humans and help lift each other up.

Let it also be a reminder for you to really enjoy your life.  It's undeniably precious and it's too bad it often takes a disaster like this to wake us up to that.  Tell your loved ones how you feel and tell them often.  Hold no regrets or grudges.  BE well and BE happy.


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