Monday, March 7, 2011


What are you doing next Sunday night?  I'll tell you what you're doing.  You're going to Vertical Wine Bistro in Pasadena for All You Can Eat Fried Chicken.  I know what you're thinking...all you can eat fried chicken?  Sounds good but not really date night worthy.  Here's the thing though, Vertical Wine Bistro is a nice, chic restaurant and the way they present this all you can eat masterpiece will make you feel like you are having fine dining fried chicken.  I almost felt bad licking my fingers...almost.

It's a prix fixe three course menu and it is really delicious.  It happens every Sunday night in March and I highly recommend it.  So if you live in LA, do yourself a favor and GO!

Here's a tip:  It's ALL - all you can eat.  Even the side dishes.  I'm kind of glad I didn't know this before the end of the meal otherwise I might have only eaten the collard greens and jalapeno cornbread all night long.  Seriously get lots of the cornbread.


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