Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - best wishes

Exciting times.  Many "best wishes" have been flying out of my mouth lately.  

Best Wishes #1 
This gorgeous girl (aka: my bestie) got engaged last weekend.  I am giddy with excitement for her and her lovely fiance.  All I want to do is fly to NYC so I can sit in a bookstore cafe with her and page through Bridal magazines dreaming of her perfect wedding.  A lot like we did when we were 20.  Best wishes B! 

Best Wishes #2
My first wedding of 2011!  I was excited, thrilled and a little bit scared.  The night ended with a beautifully happy Mr. and Mrs.  What more can you ask for?  Best wishes D & L!  

Best Wishes #3 
Another very exciting engagement.  Best wishes to a pair of SoCal friends who always manage to brighten my day when I spend time with them.  I am so happy for you!  

Etiquette says that you are supposed to say "best wishes" to the Bride and "congratulations" to the Groom.  I have adopted this, but I say best wishes to the couple.  I'm not sure why Emily Post says to do this, but I like to do it because I feel that Congratulations feels very final.  Job well done-like.  But to me, best wishes says your journey is just beginning and I wish you the best upon it.  Best wishes for a life filled with laughter, love and everything you dream of for yourself.  Best wishes says all that I feel in my heart.  It may sound cheese-tastic, but it's the truth.  

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