Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I jumped on the Toms bandwagon a few months ago.  I did it because they were red, and the perfect shoe for the Badger Football season.  

I'm so glad I did.  I love them more than I thought I would.  My only problem is that I sometimes work too hard to coordinate what I wear them with since they are red, but then I remember that they are sort of like hippie shoes, and hippies wear whatever the heck they want to, matching or not.  Right?  No offense to any hippies who may be reading this.

Stop trying to match your Toms to your outfit, Jess.  Or maybe don't.  Maybe be who you are, and wear the Toms perfectly coordinated with an outfit.  Either way, they rock.  And now I'm mildly obsessed with what my next pair will be.

I do LOVE the cause, so of course I should buy more, right?

So, which ones should I get next?

This pair, because they are herringbone.  Hello.  (and my wedding colors) 


Or this pair, to wear for wedding strike, at the end of the night, when my dogs are barking.  

What is that?  Get both?  OK!  


  1. I vote these! Because they look like pointe shoes :)


  2. I recently got the wedges. Also fabulous, but maybe more summer : )