Monday, February 28, 2011

oscar party

I'm sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that Oscar Sunday is one of my favorite days of the year.  The fashion, the films, the dreams coming true.  I cry a lot during the show and always feel inspired by it.  This year, I picked my husband up from the airport just a few hours before the show started.  Back at home from a work trip, I was elated to spend time with him and watch the Oscars together.  

I put together a little Oscar party for just the two of us.  I decorated the table in bright red tulips and gold glitter ribbon.  I made dishes based on our four favorite "Best Picture" films and we played Oscar Bingo that I got from HERE and used THESE fancy ballots to inspire the whole shindig.  

{sorry the pictures aren't very big, I know it's hard to see the details.  Like my favorite sparkly ribbon!}

The cocktail:  Brain Juice Bellini, The Social Network.  Minute Maid makes brain juice (it's pomegranate and blueberry juice) and billionaires drink champagne, right?  So I made brain juice champagne cocktails to honor this film.  

The appetizer:  Ricotta Bruschetta, The King's Speech.  This one might be a stretch, but I saw this recipe and wanted to make it, so here's how I justified it.  I bet if you had a few cocktails and tried to say Ricotta Bruschetta really fast and a bunch of'd probably stutter.  Recipe HERE...and ah-mazing!  

The entree: Shepherd's Pie, The Fighter.  Nothing like an old fashioned Irish Shepherd's Pie to celebrate this great film.  Used an old recipe and turkey meat so it was a healthier version.  It was perfect for the cold February evening.  

The dessert:  Black and White Brownies, Black Swan.  These didn't make it to the photo collage.  They maybe didn't even get their picture taken.  What?  I was hungry.  I made cream cheese swirled brownies.  Get it?  They're black and white.  Very original...I know.  

Oscar Bingo was SO much fun, I suggest you bookmark THIS website so you can download next year's version when the time comes.  

YAY for the OSCARS!  


  1. This is incredible Jessi! This sounds like so much fun. You make a wonderful wife my dear! Adam is a lucky man!

  2. Adam IS a lucky man. No better home to come home to than a home filled with food.

  3. You really are such a wonderful wife, and I love how Kaufman is such a good sport and loves to do what you do!