Tuesday, May 31, 2011


That is the only morse code that I know.  And I wouldn't even know how to actually send the message that I needed help if I was trapped in my house with a murderer and all I had was a flashlight and an open window.  (Maybe I watch too many movies) 

While I don't know much about actual morse code, I do know that I could easily add this necklace to my jewelry collection and be very happy about my use of morse code.  

How cool are these?  And you can order them to send any message that you like.  A few of my favorites are YES and LOVE.  (you're shocked, I'm sure)  You can also get them custom made with your own message.  Maybe I should get a GO BE DO one to remind me every day to keep living with intention and keep growing as a woman.  

Whatever message you want to wear around your neck, I'm pretty sure this is the most dainty, delicate and chic way to say it.  

Necklaces are available HERE.  

All images from coatt jewlery.  

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  1. I just saw these somewhere else, they are amazing! So beautiful!! I think a GO BE DO would be an awesome message to wear in morse code around your neck!!