Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - what she wore

Remember when I wrote about THIS last week?  

Well, I'm sure you've seen the pictures already but it wasn't Wednesday, so I couldn't post about it yet.  (Those must be my strange, self imposed Wedding Wednesday rules.) 

Anyway, she and Vera did not disappoint.  I think this dress is seriously stunning.  

I'm happy that I was kind of close with some of my guesses.  She ended up in a custom made Vera Wang strapless ball gown with a raw-edged swirling silk organza skirt and train.  The bodice was silk tulle diagonally draped and accented with a crystal encrusted belt.  I read that she changed into a grecian inspired reception dress with a black belt (who knew Chelsea would be such an "of the moment" Bride?)

Anyone else think those are some beautiful Louboutin's peeping out from under her dress?  If I had to safe guess would be that they look something like this.... 

but my daring guess is something as dreamy as this...

Let me first say that I've never thought she was a gorgeous girl.  So, I'm not sure if it's because it's her wedding day and everyone looks beautiful on their wedding day or because she's wearing a remarkable dress...but I thought the girl looked good!  


  1. i agree, she looked beautiful! gorgeous dress. and those shoes are amazing! :D

    <3, Mimi

  2. i completely agree. she was the epitome of class and beauty...she looked so happy she was about to burst. i was so happy for her, even though i've not followed anything she's done or hasn't done. it's so refreshing to see someone purely joyous!


  3. I would be green with envy if she had on my dream loubs...seen here:
    Agreed, she looked really amazing. Swoon.