Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a sad day

A high school friend of mine and his wife have been putting up the ultimate fight against her cancer, and doing it with grace, hope and love.  They have been keeping a blog, that I have linked as one of my favorites, because their strength and view of things always reminds me to love and live, hard.

Today, this beautiful woman lost her battle.  The love of her life wrote about it on their blog, which you can read here.  The journey that they have been on is a beautiful reminder of how precious life is, of taking time to enjoy the small things and of true, unconditional love.

I thank them for keeping this honest journal of their joys and tribulations.  My heart bleeds for him more than you know.  Her friends and family were truly graced by an angel for all these years, I only wish I had been able to meet her.

Hold your loved ones a little bit tighter tonight and savor every single little moment, because they are so precious.

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  1. How sad... They were staying right by me in Seattle too... :(