Wednesday, August 4, 2010

by the morning light

I got up at 5:30 this morning.  There's no reason for this.  My husband kissed me farewell as he went off to work and BOOM, just like that I was up.  Normally I sleep for a few more hours after he leaves, but not today.  I like early mornings but I'm also a night owl, so usually it's hard to get up and enjoy them.  When I was working in corporate America, I got really used to getting up early and getting going.  But now, I work from home (love it) so it's kind of strange to get up so early and start the day.  

It's a gloomy morning here in LA, which stinks because I get energy from seeing the sun rise.  I love the blush light of dawn, when it's quiet and you can hear the city starting to stir.  I think I'll head to a cafe for now and treat myself to a cappuccino and a sinful pastry.  Savor being up this early when I don't need to be.  

Mr. Sunshine, I know you are headed this way, but you're just behind this gloom.  I hope to spend some time with you later today.  

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