Thursday, August 19, 2010


My husband came to me earlier this week and told me that he has to go to San Diego on Friday for a work meeting.  So, naturally I thought, why don't I tag along and we can make it a mini staycation for the night?  I hopped on priceline, named my own price (which I've never done before), got a great hotel for a steal and now I'm packing an overnight bag to head south, down the five, to beautiful San Diego.  

Here's the catch.  We've got to leave around four am because his meeting starts so early.  Yikes.  And he's going to drop me off at the hotel and head to his meeting with his truck.  SO, what's a girl to do all day long, alone, on foot, in one of the greatest cities of SoCal?  Only time will tell.  I thought I'd make it into a fun little blog here's the plan...

Every hour on the hour, starting when we get into the car and ending when Adam joins me, I'm going to take a picture of what's happening or what I'm doing and when I return I'll blog the pictures.  Hopefully I'll be able to find some trouble to get into to make the pictures worth blogging!  

Have a beautiful Friday...and do something spontaneous.

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