Thursday, August 12, 2010


I'm deep in preparation for my biggest wedding weekend of the year, but I've been having a horrible pain on the ball of my foot, so I made some time for a quick doctor's appointment today.  What did the Doc say?  

I have a fractured bone in my foot.  

Awesome.  Remember how I said I was prepping for the biggest wedding weekend of the year?  Right.  About that.  Now I get to rock it out with a busted foot and a boot.  It's so crappy that it's kind of funny.  

He can't identify when I broke this little bone on the ball of my foot.  And it's hurt for months, so who knows.  I just always thought that I wasn't wearing comfortable shoes.  You know how we ladies often do.  

Ah well, I'll be just fine.  Hopefully this fancy tape job and beautiful black boot that he gave me will make it all better.  I really hope so, because he said that otherwise I'll have to have surgery to remove the fractured bone.  No thank you.  

I always say there's a silver lining, so let's see.......ummm......
- It's not broken, it's only fractured, so that's good.  
- I'm not on crutches, so that's positive.  
- And I just opened a bottle of wine, a Netflix came in the mail today and the hubs is on his way home with Chinese take out.  Maybe it's a little pity party for me and my foot, but it'll be a fun one!  

Sorry, no pictures today!  


  1. oh no! a fractured bone?! BOO!!! i'm sure you're rockin the boot, Jessi!

  2. giggle...giggle... sorry sis but i can laugh cause growing up I was the one in the cast's and splints and boots...wait never had a boot...hey you got one up one me!!!! anywhoo....give me a call when u get a few I have jake's school list and if you want to send him a care package...Get better gassa....