Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - many things

My wedding mind is in overdrive lately, so this post is a bit all over the place.  Enjoy! 

I would pay about a thousand extra dollars if I had this very picture of me and Adam on our wedding day.  Don't you just melt looking at this? 
photo by: Abby Ross 

This couple and their amazing wedding has been all over the blogosphere as of late and from these two pictures it's easy to see why.  So. Much. Love.  

A way big YES to a tree swing made of colorful fabric and ribbon.  Swoon.  
photos by: Our Labor of Love 

This post on this lovely blog makes me think I NEED a mosquito net in my life.  Right now.  And her ideas to use it for a wedding are magical.  Read about it HERE.    

Remember how I mentioned that I had a big wedding weekend?  Well, here is a little snippet from a guests' flip video from Sunday's wedding.  One of the many surprises from the Bride and Groom for their guests.  If you look closely, you can see a tall dark shadow carrying a clipboard in the background.  C'est moi...hard at work.  

The magnolia trees on my street have recently been blooming, which makes me want this.  Divine, striking and simple.  Truly lovely.  

Happy Wednesday!  May inspiration find you all week long!  

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  1. That first photo...I can't even handle it. I really can't.