Friday, August 27, 2010


Happy Birthday to the original Yosh!

Best and most special birthday wishes to...

The first man who loved me and continues to support me unconditionally.  
The man whose temper I inherited.  
The man who is a big ol' teddy bear on the inside. 
The Daddy who spoiled his little girl.
The man whose fried rice recipe I have yet to master.  
The man who can make a sports analogy for any situation you might be in.  
The man who taught me everything I know about boats and fishing. 
The world traveller who set the travel bug in me at an early age.   
The man who had "allergies" throughout my entire wedding day.  
The Dad who tells the best stories and bed time fairy tales.  
The good ol' boy who loves a cold beer, a great horn section and stories of the "glory days"
The man who's about to embark on a wonderful and exciting adventure!  
Happy Birthday Daddy, I love you so much!  


  1. awww, that's really nice. i love the picture of your dad on your wedding day! happy birthday to your dad!

    <3, Mimi

  2. I love the little girl picture, that's how he looked the last time I saw him years ago (and last time I saw you, too)! I think the last I saw him was his 40th birthday party, my mom (Judy James, now Waldrip) and I were just talking about that the other day. I know she is excited that they are moving back down south.