Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pretty Things

Everyday when I walk into my apartment complex I pass by a gorgeous and huge Camillia bush. It seems that I wait all year for it to bloom. But when it does, oh my. It is gorgeous. Such a welcoming and wonderful way to enter our home. I took these pictures today...

and then I took a few blooms for myself.

There is something about weddings that people don't tell you. You get a lot of crystal. A lot. Some of it you register for, some of it you don't. Some of it you will like, some of it you won't. At some point, you will probably think, "what am I going to do with all this crystal?" But when you get to use it you will feel so grown up and pretty and special, believe me. I put the Camillia blooms in this Waterford bowl and I am loving the beauty that it's brought to our apartment. In fact, I might go by buckets of fresh flowers and put them in all the Waterford we received at the wedding. What a happy sight that would be!

for my millie...XO


  1. Gorgeous! You really are putting that crystal to good use :)
    lots of love, t. cohen