Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Introducing...Wedding Wednesday

Welcome to Wedding Wednesday. I've decided to start bringing you a little wedding goodness, beauty, advice and eye candy on Wednesdays. I know not everyone is as into weddings as I am so that's why I'll keep it to one day a week. I hope you enjoy!

For the first installment of WW, let's talk about shoes. Colorful shoes.

I LOVE colorful wedding shoes. Who doesn't love that little pop of color peeking out of the bride's gown as she walks down the aisle or gets twirled around the dance floor? It makes my heart happy.

I could just be biased. I chose to wear bright yellow shoes on my wedding day. I didn't want white satin shoes that I would never wear again. Nope, I wanted something that made me feel like the special bride I was. (ladies, you understand how the right pair of shoes can do that!) So, I splurged and got a pair of yellow Manolo Blahnik peep toes.

I cried when I bought them, true story. As a die hard SATC fan, buying Manolos was like a dream. I thought they were a perfect accessory to my wedding ensemble and let me fully express myself.
THE BEST part about colorful, fun wedding shoes is that you get to wear them over and over again. When I put these little beauties on, I think about my wedding day and I feel special all over again. I think expressing yourself with a colorful shoe is a big fat YES. And so did these other brides...

you know this happy bride

a wonderful way to have your "something blue"

This is a must if you're marrying at Scottish adorable!

I mean, seersucker Christian Louboutin heels. Simply amazing.

How perfect are these for a beach wedding? Or if you're marrying a vertically challenged man. These don't fall in the colorful category, but they are just so sweet.

Why not go sassy yet elegant with red shoes?

So, my advice...GO get yourself some colorful wedding shoes.  You'll be so happy that you did! 

Photo credits:  yellow: nataly lemus; blue: hazelnut photography; plaid: caroline tran; Christian Louboutin: ahsphotography via just chic events; flats: stephanie williams; red: style me pretty

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