Tuesday, January 26, 2010

$25 Parking!!


I just paid that. I'm enraged. I'm saddened. I'm upset. I cannot believe that parking could possibly be that much for such a short amount of time. I literally swore in shock when the parking man told me what I owed him.

Lucky for me, I keep some Flavor Blasted Goldfish in my car...they made me feel better. Are you thinking that I pelted said parking man with them? Nah, I thought about it. But these delish little gold men are too good to waste on that parking man's face. Instead I ate them all the way home.

Why I was downtown and parking in an expensive structure for three and a half hours? It was actually worth it because... I've got some big news!!! I'll fill you in on all the exciting details, but for now I've got to make some lunch.

Don't park in misleading structures downtown. Unless you have Flavor Blasted Goldfish at the ready.

1 comment:

  1. If you think that's bad, then don't take any meetings at CAA. I once went in for a job interview at the Death Star (not with them) and it cost me $14 to park for 45 minutes! To make matters worse I had just run out of Flavor Blasted Goldfish...The horror!