Friday, December 4, 2009

Chalky goodness

I always wanted to be a teacher when I was a kid. Whenever friends came over, we played school. When my big brother was babysitting me, we played school. (poor guy, he hated regular school so I can't imagine he much liked playing pretend school on a Friday night!)

So, it's no wonder that I am currently mildly obsessed with chalkboard paint. I puffy heart love it. I want to paint all the walls in my apartment with it and then draw all over them.

Instead, I focused this love on a project. I was recently given creative control over my friends' rehearsal dinner. They had already booked the venue and didn't want to deal with the decor. They gave me a budget and set me free. It was so fun!

Naturally, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to use chalkboard paint to make some fun things for their rehearsal dinner. Below you can see the fruits of my labor.

In order to use the chalkboard paint for a project, I decided to go with a Harvest/Oktoberfest type of theme. The dinner was in a brewery, so I named all of the tables after popular Wisconsin beers.

this is right after I finished them...

and the finished product on the tables

Aren't they just darling? So rustic and charming. I can't wait to find another use for them.

More chalkboarding to come tomorrow!


  1. Ari is currently working on a chalkboard paint project in our house too!! Love it!

  2. I love the your chalky creations. How did I know a Spotted Cow would be in the mix?