Monday, November 30, 2009

Geek Squad

Blame the Geek Squad for my lack of posting. My computer got sick and I have no idea why it took SO long to fix, but it's back now. Isn't is so annoying when your computer has problems? I always underestimate how much time I spend on the internet and how much I depend on my computer. Plus I missed reading and checking blogs. :)

Those Geek Squaders really tested my patience though. Please do not put an "estimated pick up date" on my receipt if the date that I get to pick it up is OVER A WEEK later. That just makes me upset and I will probably express that to whoever happens to answer the phone when I call over there.

Is it strange that I kind of like their uniforms? I gotta say those computer geeks look pretty cute it their skinny ties. I also would never really call them a geek, I only called them that because they named themselves that. As I know nothing about computers, I really appreciate those "geeks" and have such a respect for their knowledge and what they can do. I just wish they could do it within the time they give themselves.

But I'm back and virus free!! I've been really busy and have to much fun stuff to stay tuned!

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