Monday, December 28, 2009

5 Best Days

My husband and I went home for the holidays last week and it was so wonderful. Packed full of great family moments, beers with friends, our first Christmas as husband and wife, new beginnings and final farewells. More to come on some of those.

We were lucky enough to be able to plan our trip around the dates of my sister-in-law's college graduation. It was so special for us to be able to see her walk that stage and celebrate her achievements.

While we were sitting at breakfast on the morning of her graduation, my mother-in-law pulled out some pictures of Adam and I on our graduation days. It took me on a trip down memory lane. My graduation day was, and continues to be, one of the top five best days of my life.

It was just a wonderful day, top to bottom. From waking up to a beautiful card from my best friend and fellow graduate, to ending the night at the best graduation party was truly a magnificent day.

It made me start to think about what the other top five days are. What are my best moments and my happiest days? I think it's great to stop and think about this once in a while. And what I really love, is right in the middle of a great day, when you stop and realize..."This is one of those days I'll remember forever."

Here are my top five best days, thus far. How fortunate for me, that this list is often changing. I'm blessed with many great days. In fact, it's hard to narrow it down to just five. Lucky me!

1. Our Wedding Day - July '09

2. College Graduation - Dec. '03

(my scanner is broken, so you'll just have to use your imagination. Me in an ugly cap, huge smile, maroon tassel, very excited.)

3. The evening Adam proposed - Dec. '08
(ok, so it wasn't an entire DAY of greatness, but the evening was SO amazing, that I think I get to count it.)

4. A random Spring day in Hong Kong - April '08
(my best friend came to visit me in Hong Kong and we many great days, but this one in particular was just so wonderful that I remember sitting with 'ritas in hand and asking her if this is what true happiness feels like. It's gotta be a good day if you're feeling that way!)

5. My last 24 hours in Hong Kong - June '08

I encourage you to think about your top five days. DO it. It will be so fun and make you realize how special your life is.

Also, as you prepare for the New Year, take some time to think about your top moments of the previous year. I love to make a list of my Top 10 and keep it in a safe spot. It's a fun New Year's Eve activity.

Here's to all of our best days!!!


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  1. Okay, so i was a deliquent blog reader and am just now catching up. And, jess, i love this post so much and am sitting here at work with tears in my eyes. I would definitely count two of those days in my top five as well, and i'm so honored to be part of yours. love you!