Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - winter wedding

As I woke up this morning to images and news stories of the blizzard in the Midwest, I thought "Oh no, what if you were getting married this weekend?"  Then I came up with the perfect answer.  You grab a few more fabulous accessories and go frolic in the snow with your new husband.  There is something BEYOND beautiful about a winter wedding.  A Bride dressed in white, surrounded by crisp white snow is just too pretty.  It's peaceful, it's cozy, it's cuddly and it's darn right angelic.  So if you're planning a winter wedding, just make sure you, your husband and your Bridal Party are ready to head out into the winter wonderland so you can get some gorgeous pictures like these couples did.  And for an added touch, throw in a few great accessories like a faux fur wrap to add texture or a colorful scarf to pop against all that winter white.  

both images by: Orange Girl Photographs

Stay warm and safe if you're snowed in!  

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  1. winter weddings are beautiful! :)

    <3, Mimi