Thursday, February 10, 2011

hearts day

Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching and while many people feel like it's a silly Hallmark holiday, I happen to love it.  I think I love it because my first date with my husband was on Valentine's Day.  And I'm a sentimental schmuck like that.  I feel like it was only yesterday that we circled the ice rink together and I got that wonderful butterfly feeling when we held hands for the first time.  I love celebrating Valentine's Day with the man that was my first and only Valentine.  

That being said, just like the cynics, I hate trying to figure out what to do to celebrate Valentine's Day.  If we want to go to our favorite restaurant, we have to pay double for a prix fixe meal that we don't even want.  I hate that, so this year I've been brainstorming some alternative ways to celebrate Valentine's Day.  I've got three to share with you in hopes of inspiring you to think outside the box and find a unique way to celebrate with your honey.  

1 - Road Trip It.  
Celebrate by waking your Valentine up early and hitting the open road.  Just think of hours in the car together talking, singing and laughing until you reach your destination.  Head to a town you've both always wanted to explore and spend the day together doing just that.  Have lunch somewhere fabulous, a few noon-time cocktails, some more exploring and then head back home.  

2 - Scary Movie Marathon. 
What's more comforting than being in the arms of the one you love?  Pick out a few scary movies, pop some popcorn, turn out the lights and let the frights begin.  You'll love being "protected" by him and he'll love watching some anti-romantic it's a win-win!  

3 - A City Scavenger Hunt.  
Pair up with a friend who is also looking for an alternative Valentine's Day and make a city scavenger hunt for each other.  The two of you can set some parameters and then just let your imagination run wild.  Maybe they send you to find the cheapest glass of wine on the 300 block of La Brea, and maybe you send them to get a matchbook from where they got engaged.  Either way, it'll surely be a fun and surprise filled night for you and your Valentine.  

My husband and I are going with option number one and we are so excited!  Sunday morning we're hitting the road bright and early to head out for a fun, love-filled day of exploring.  I can't wait!  

Whatever you end up doing, I hope it's a wonderfully special day.


  1. You turn me into a hopeless romantic. Happy Valentine's Day!!

  2. Ooh how fun! Where did you go?? We are opting for #2! Thai and a scary movie :)