Wednesday, February 2, 2011

best girl scout EVER

This is not the magical Girl Scout, I'm sure she's very sweet...but we do not know her.  

Last week, my husband called to discuss our order for Girl Scout Cookies.  A co-worker brought in the order sheet for his daughter, so naturally we want to help out the Girl Scouts and donate some money.  We're philanthropic like that.  I told him we should probably donate a lot of money and if that means that we get a lot of boxes of cookies, well, so be it.  Anything for the Girl Scouts.  He placed our order and I kind of forgot about it, because usually it takes a few weeks (what seems like months) to get the cookies.  Then, magic happened.  Last night, he walked in the door with a bag FULL of boxes of cookies.  I think our Girl Scout is magical.  She was able to get us our cookies in a matter of four business days.  Magical Girl Scout and I love her.  

Don't worry about that fact that three boxes are already opened and half way gone.  

"On my honor,  I will try.....not to eat them all today."  

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