Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Funday

We had the most incredible Sunday today.  I really needed it.  I've been stressed out and very tired lately.  I'm not loving my new job yet, which is a great disappointment, since I was clearly so excited about it.  BUT, today that was very far away from me.  And it was all in how it started. 

How could any day be bad that starts like this? 

breakfast scramblers and french press on the patio

After breakfast, I sat in the sun and read my book for a while.  It was like being on vacation.  I feel rested and happy and full of love and ready to take on another week. 

Thank you Sunday.  You were my favorite this week! 

I'm A Hockey Fan

Call me a fair-weather fan, that's totally fine with me.  Today, I am one.  I watched hockey today and I loved it!  It was awesome.  I've never been into hockey, but what I saw today was so great.  Did you watch?  Do you feel like I do now?  A hockey fan.  I bet you do.   


Here's the thing about hockey....the skating!  I mean, they are such great skaters, and SO fast!  I wonder if they started out on these? 

Probably not, but I really like to think so. 

I hope team USA feels proud of their silver medal, it was a hell of a battle and one they should be proud of!  I might not know much about hockey, but I know I'm proud of what they accomplished today.  GO USA! 

Friday, February 26, 2010


This blog is supposed to be happy and inspiring.  Maybe you can tell from my lack of posting that I have been too busy and too sad to blog about happy and beautiful things. 

I miss it.  I miss you.  I miss my old life.  But tonight I am feeling inspired, and here's a little glimpse at what is inspiring me on this great Friday evening. 


Seriously, THANK GOD for the BevMo five cent sale.  It's making everything better right now.  A bottle for me, and Adam gets his own for only five cents!  Kidding, I'll share...both of them. 

Missing you and so much to share...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - That Feeling

The way you feel on your wedding day is truly indescribable.  I wish we could bottle up that feeling and open it up when we really need it.  It's a remarkable thing.  This gorgeous picture reminds me of that feeling. 

it's beautiful.  it's ethereal.  it's peaceful.  it's romantic.  it's sexy.  it's lovely.  

I only wish it was a picture of me!  What a lucky Bride to have this self portrait!  When I see it, I am reminded of all of those wedding day feelings.  I look at this picture often, it makes me so happy.  I hope it does the same for you! 


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Holland House

The hubs and I love the Olympics.  LOVE.  We love the emotional break out stories that NBC so cleverly puts together, making the atheles seem like warriors and heroes.  We love the close races, the underdogs, the wipeouts and...the Dutch. 

Seriously, have you been watching and seen the crazy Dutch partying and celebrating all night long at the Holland House?  We want to go.  I'd put on blaze orange and pretend to be Dutch if they'll let me in the door so I too can live it up Holland style. 

Who's with me? 

I think we could all take a note from those at the Holland House.  Life is short, so let's celebrate and enjoy. 


Friday, February 19, 2010

My Valentine

Valentine's Day is long over, but I've been so short on time, I didn't have a chance to post about it. 

I know it's a Hallmark holiday and all of that, but for me and my man it's special because on Feb. 14th 1999, I went on the first date with the man I would eventually marry.  I remember nearly every moment of that first night. 

him coming to the house to pick me up 
me innocently giving him homemade cookies
him giving me a huge bear hug in thanks 
the look on my Dad's face post big bear hug 
going ice skating and holding hands around the ice rink 
dinner and him ordering a glass of milk with his burger 
playing on the swings of his elementary school playground 
dancing in the plastic gazebo of the jungle gym
talking for hours
akwardly talking about the first kiss
waiting anxiously for the first kiss
 the first kiss

Eleven years later this man is my husband.  Here we are, circa February 1999, just a few weeks after our first date. 

Eleven years later and we feel like we're still just two young kids very much in love.  I'm so lucky. 

143, my milk ordering Valentine.  Always. 

Foot Find

Today I stumbled upon something incredible. 

JB Natural Foot Massage

You need to GO immediately.  I was on my way to a nail salon when I passed by this quaint little shop.  I stopped and was reading the price list when a nice man named Larry came out to talk to me.  I decided what the heck, and went in for what would prove to be the greatest 60 minutes of my entire week! 

After a short herbal foot bath, my massuse Bill sent my feet into nirvana.  Then as if that wasn't good enough, I got a face, scalp, neck and back massage.  It was amazing. 

AND ONLY $25!!!!!  I'm not kidding. 

There were some funny Chinese methods that made me giggle to myself, I can only imagine if some certain friends were with me how in hysterics we would be.  That aside, it was so relaxing and so peaceful and I plan on going back time and time again. 

If you live in LA, please do yourself and your feet a favor and make your way over to JB Natural Foot Massage.  It's at 329 S. Robertson Blvd., between Wilshire and Olympic. 


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Easter Eggs

I'm not a religious person, so for me this is the best part about Easter being on its way.

I mean, I've already had two since last weekend and I'm not really a person who buys candy at the store.  But when Easter candy rolls out on the shelves I just can't help myself.  I stopped at Walgreens last night to pick up toothpaste and I came home with $11 worth of Easter candy...and two R. eggs, natch.  Now that I think about it, I must have looked funny buying toothpaste and four bags of candy. 

Seriously though, why are these little guys so amazing and so much better than a regular Reese's?  Want to help me figure it out?  GO get one.  Or two.  And enjoy it.    

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - Up

Balloons are quite popular right now for weddings.  Mostly in portraits or during engagement pics.  I support that.  Especially in e-pics.  Maybe it's the recession, maybe it's the charm of a simple, innocent balloon...whatever it is, I can often get behind the balloon thing.    

Like this, this is ok.  In fact, I love this.  

But this.  Do not ever do this.  EVER.  This is never ok.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - pretty in pink

I'm not a pink girl.  I never have been, except maybe when I was three...but not anymore.  Most women love this color, but I can take it or leave it.  Maybe it's the approaching holiday that has me seeing pink because today I'm in love with this...and it's pink.

I want to put this on a dessert bar at an all white, vintage inspired wedding.  

And I'd use these everywhere. 


Maybe I love this because it's not really's "blush". 

Blush and bashful, in fact.  Sigh. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Smart Folks

Those peeps at Google are smart.  Really.  Did you see this commercial during the Super Bowl?  It gave me chills, it made me want to fly to Paris and it made me think that Google is pretty much awesome.  Good job you ad people, you.  Talk about catering to a room of women that they know are waiting for a great commercial.  Literally, every woman I was watching the game with sighed and ahhh'd after this.  Love it. 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Absent Blogger

Awww, it feels so good to be blogging again!  I can't believe that I haven't had a post in almost a week!  What?!  I'm a bad blogger.

I am so happy to be back.  There are three things that are making me SO very happy right now. 

1.  Blogging
2.  My delish glass of wine
3.  The ice cream that is busy churning on the kitchen counter

I have had a very rough week.  I started my new job last week and it has been a hard and trying adjustment, but I'm DOING it.  I'm BEING it.  And it feels good. 

My selfless and wonderful husband has been amazing during this transition.  I know I talk about him often, but  It's an adjustment for him too, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't the one holding him up in the mall parking lot while he had a total meltdown.  I'm pretty sure that was me.  Total meltdown.  And he literally held me while I wept.  I was upset that I couldn't find a suit to buy, I mean why else would one have a meltdown in a mall parking lot?  Oh, and I was also upset that I hadn't been to Border's with my bestie Tara in her first week of engagement to look at bridal magazines.  You know....the usual things that you have a meltdown over.  Like I said, it's been a trying week.

There will be lots more to come on that whole "me shopping for a suit" thing.  It's gonna be a good story.  But my ice cream is calling, it needs to be tended to.  I'm so glad that I had some time to do something that makes me happy tonight.  Guess what kind of ice cream I'm making?? 

Damn right! 


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bad Wife

"Hi Honey.  I'm a bad wife.  I ordered Chinese."

Does anyone else remember that moment in the final episode of SATC?  Maybe I remember it crazy well because it was moments before Charlotte got her baby and I started sobbing like one. 

Anyway, when I order take out, that quote rolls through my head.  I feel like a bad wife. 

But here's the thing.  There are some nights where I just don't want to be in the kitchen.  And you know how I love to be in the kitchen.  But, tonight is one of those nights.  Here's why... 

The Badgers are on and it's a big game. 

LOST starts tonight.  For the final season.  

Adam brought home a 12-pack of Shocktop.

So, I ordered Thai take out.  I just want to sit on the couch with my adorable husband, have a few cold beers, cheer on Bucky and watch LOST while I eat my pad thai.  It's done.  I might be a bad wife, but I'm a damn happy one right now!  

Monday, February 1, 2010

Heart Touched

This weekend I was deeply touched by the thoughtfulness and generosity of some wonderful friends.  When I look at myself and my life, I realize how blessed I am to have friends like this in it.  People who understand me, people who love unconditionally, people who truly care.  It makes me weepy with gratitude. 

I opened the mail on Friday to a wonderful surprise...

A cookbook to one of mine and Adam's MOST favorite places in Madison.  Anytime we can get to Madison, we stop here (without question) for breakfast.  It reminds us of home and amazing food and special times with friends.  Julie, one of the sweetest people on the planet, sent this to me with a special note saying that she thought I could put my new Dutch Oven to good use with this.  I cried.  

Then, I got home late Saturday night from working a wedding and there was a brown package at my door step.  Hmmm, I thought.  I don't remember ordering anything from the internet...where is this from?  I look up in the corner and it's from KATE SPADE.  WHAT!?  I love Kate Spade!  What else is a girl to do but tear into the mystery package?  So, I did.  And I found this.  
But not blue...way better - the prettiest, shiniest gold color, with a pink interior.  Swoon.   

I go straight to the card and again, I am left in tears.  "i thought you might need a little something to hold those fabulous new business cards."  A business card holder?!  I mean, how thoughtful and special is that?  This wonderful surprise came from the lovely Brianna.  My best girl.  She and I have had adventures all over the world and she has been present and pivotal in many of my Top 5 Days

On the brink of this new journey, I have been excited, fearful, nervous, scared, anxious and eager to get started.  With the love and thoughtfulness of these two beautiful friends, I am going into today with less fear and more confidence...not to mention a heart that has been truly touched and filled to the brim with love. 

On Bended Knee

The proposal that was my big, juicy secret was a HUGE success!  Here are the pics that I promised you.  Amazing. I love the idea of showing these to their kids one day.  Such a romantic and special moment captured in images.  A big thanks to Katy for her successful and sneaky ways!