Monday, February 8, 2010

Absent Blogger

Awww, it feels so good to be blogging again!  I can't believe that I haven't had a post in almost a week!  What?!  I'm a bad blogger.

I am so happy to be back.  There are three things that are making me SO very happy right now. 

1.  Blogging
2.  My delish glass of wine
3.  The ice cream that is busy churning on the kitchen counter

I have had a very rough week.  I started my new job last week and it has been a hard and trying adjustment, but I'm DOING it.  I'm BEING it.  And it feels good. 

My selfless and wonderful husband has been amazing during this transition.  I know I talk about him often, but  It's an adjustment for him too, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't the one holding him up in the mall parking lot while he had a total meltdown.  I'm pretty sure that was me.  Total meltdown.  And he literally held me while I wept.  I was upset that I couldn't find a suit to buy, I mean why else would one have a meltdown in a mall parking lot?  Oh, and I was also upset that I hadn't been to Border's with my bestie Tara in her first week of engagement to look at bridal magazines.  You know....the usual things that you have a meltdown over.  Like I said, it's been a trying week.

There will be lots more to come on that whole "me shopping for a suit" thing.  It's gonna be a good story.  But my ice cream is calling, it needs to be tended to.  I'm so glad that I had some time to do something that makes me happy tonight.  Guess what kind of ice cream I'm making?? 

Damn right! 


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