Monday, February 1, 2010

Heart Touched

This weekend I was deeply touched by the thoughtfulness and generosity of some wonderful friends.  When I look at myself and my life, I realize how blessed I am to have friends like this in it.  People who understand me, people who love unconditionally, people who truly care.  It makes me weepy with gratitude. 

I opened the mail on Friday to a wonderful surprise...

A cookbook to one of mine and Adam's MOST favorite places in Madison.  Anytime we can get to Madison, we stop here (without question) for breakfast.  It reminds us of home and amazing food and special times with friends.  Julie, one of the sweetest people on the planet, sent this to me with a special note saying that she thought I could put my new Dutch Oven to good use with this.  I cried.  

Then, I got home late Saturday night from working a wedding and there was a brown package at my door step.  Hmmm, I thought.  I don't remember ordering anything from the internet...where is this from?  I look up in the corner and it's from KATE SPADE.  WHAT!?  I love Kate Spade!  What else is a girl to do but tear into the mystery package?  So, I did.  And I found this.  
But not blue...way better - the prettiest, shiniest gold color, with a pink interior.  Swoon.   

I go straight to the card and again, I am left in tears.  "i thought you might need a little something to hold those fabulous new business cards."  A business card holder?!  I mean, how thoughtful and special is that?  This wonderful surprise came from the lovely Brianna.  My best girl.  She and I have had adventures all over the world and she has been present and pivotal in many of my Top 5 Days

On the brink of this new journey, I have been excited, fearful, nervous, scared, anxious and eager to get started.  With the love and thoughtfulness of these two beautiful friends, I am going into today with less fear and more confidence...not to mention a heart that has been truly touched and filled to the brim with love. 

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