Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm A Hockey Fan

Call me a fair-weather fan, that's totally fine with me.  Today, I am one.  I watched hockey today and I loved it!  It was awesome.  I've never been into hockey, but what I saw today was so great.  Did you watch?  Do you feel like I do now?  A hockey fan.  I bet you do.   


Here's the thing about hockey....the skating!  I mean, they are such great skaters, and SO fast!  I wonder if they started out on these? 

Probably not, but I really like to think so. 

I hope team USA feels proud of their silver medal, it was a hell of a battle and one they should be proud of!  I might not know much about hockey, but I know I'm proud of what they accomplished today.  GO USA! 

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