Monday, November 15, 2010

what's more fun

than drinking champagne?  

Drinking champagne out of these...  
photo from: hiphipgingin

Nothing feels more fun and fabulous to me than sipping champagne out of a champagne coupe.  (did you know that's what they're called?  Even the name is fab!)  We have two incredible sets of champagne flutes that I absolutely adore (one was a very special engagement gift and our wedding toasting flutes) but the champagne coupe makes me feel extra festive, which is how I'm feeling in preps for the Holiday season.  

Here are a few pictures that pretty much tell the story of what it feels like to drink out of a coupe to me.  

photo from: hiphipgingin

THESE are incredibly adorable and would be a wonderful addition to anyone's collection of glassware.  They look pretty good on my Christmas List too!  And THESE would be a fun wedding alternative to the traditional flutes.  

Cheers to feeling fabulous...whatever that is for you!  


  1. Thanks for the link love... and so happy to have discovered your blog! It's adorable, as are you! Looking fwd to getting to know you better over the blogosphere. XO

  2. Glamorous, but this girl would end up with more champagne on her shirt than in her mouth. Sometimes I spill and need sippy cups. :)