Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone.  The sun is shining and it's going to be a fabulous weekend.  What fun and exciting things do you have planned?  Here are a few things I've got on the brain this sunny Friday.  

-Going to see this later today.  
Can't wait because she can do no wrong in my book.  

-My husband is out of town.  
 I'm sad to wake up Saturday morning without him.  
THIS is all I want for Sunday morning when he returns.  
It's speaking right to my heart today.  

-Thinking of picking this back up.  
Want to take the beautiful journey again, 
before the movie comes out.  

- Why didn't I get invited to THIS?  
Would pretty much sell my soul to be there.

-Thanksgiving is coming.  
Thinking of beautiful tablescapes.  
And Mom and Dad.  Cannot.  Wait.  

DO this.  It's fun.  
It's challenging. 
It's dance like.   
It'll give us arms like Gwyneth and Madonna.  

- Met this incredible woman this week.  
I cried a little.  She looked into my soul.  
Thinking about it still.  (full post to come on this!) 

Thanks for letting me spill all that's on my mind!  

I hope you have this kind of a weekend...



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