Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - little ones

There is nothing as beautiful as a Bride on her wedding day.  Nothing.  But that doesn't necessarily mean that she is the cutest thing in attendance.  Like pinch your cheeks, steal your heart kind of cute.  That spotlight is saved for the little ones.  

I love little ones at weddings.  (As long as they stay far away from the cake table!)  I think one of the best ways to include an important child into your wedding day is to allow them to express themselves.  Don't feel obligated to make them a mini-bride or a mini-groom.  If they are old enough to have an opinion, ask them what they'd like to wear or what they love to wear and try your best to include it.  This will help them feel like a part of the day and I think it helps them cooperate when you really need them to.  These kids are a perfect example of that...and they'll melt your heart!  

image by: Caroline Tran 

image by: Boutwell Studio

Another good tip for having little ones at your wedding is to leave them with a basket of goodies at their seat.  Pack a bag or basket with items that they'll love to play with, this way they stay entertained during speeches and first dances and other times when you don't want little ones running all around.  Plus this will allow their parents to be able to enjoy themselves, so every one's a winner!  

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  1. The last pictures of the little boy reminds me of your brother when he and I were little!

    If I may make a suggestion for little ones: A cousin of mine had a wedding and was fortunate to have the reception in a place that had a smaller room off the area where the dinner and dance was. They hired a couple of high school kids and had some fun crafts for all of the kids to do (like making beaded key rings and stuff like that). The kids were still able to be there and the grownups had fun.