Tuesday, February 28, 2012

eat something

I just have to say one negative thing that I took away from the Oscar ceremony and red carpet on Sunday.  For the love of all things delicious, I wish some of these ladies would just start eating.  

I love Rose Byrne and think she's a fabulous actress, but she needs to eat.  Please Rose, eat something.   

And I am so tired of Angelina Jolie.  Tired of the same red carpet looks and really tired of her extra bony frame.  That leg sticking out of your dress would have been sexy if it had any sort of muscle to it.  All bones and skin.  Gross.  And her arms are just as bad.  

Here's the thing.  The women in Hollywood have to remember that they are inspirations to millions of girls and woman around the world.  Why do they need to keep sending the message that looking emaciated is hot.  I bought into this thinking for a really long time and I have worked like hell to get over this.  Seeing these examples of what can only be malnourishment is not a friendly reminder.  It's unnatural and it's unreal.  

BE a real woman, don't let these images cloud your brain with what is beautiful.  What is beautiful is YOU.  Always remember that.  


  1. Amen Sister! I would add Rooney Mara to this list, although I know the role of Lisbeth calls for skin and bones.

  2. Couldn't agree more. About this AND your gown picks in your prior post;)

  3. Angelina's arms made me SICK! That picture actually doesn't do their disgusting boniness justice. BLECH. I told Gene she looked like she hadn't eaten or brushed her hair in a month.

  4. Thank you for the reminder. Also, I'm proud of you. 143.