Monday, February 20, 2012

BE a chef week

Who doesn't like to pretend they are a real chef?  Who doesn't set up all of their ingredients on the counter and talk to a pretend camera like they are on a cooking show?  Oh come on, you know you've all done it!

While I am no chef, I am a pretty darn good cook and love being in the kitchen.  I love to cook, I find it soothing and therapeutic after a long day.  I am pretty much a recipe girl, I love finding and trying new ones while some fail miserably, some make it into my recipe box forever.  The best recipes are the ones that you can go back to time and time again and never tire of them.

I thought it will be fun if everyday this week I share with you one of those tried and true recipes that even the worst cook could make.  I love all of these because they are easy and also because they are really delicious!

Let's BE chef's this week.  I hope it inspires you to get in the kitchen and make something that's out of your usual routine.