Monday, March 5, 2012

inspiration everywhere

Over the weekend, I walked by this new stand in the Farmer's Market and noticed how adorable the decor and styling was.  And then I noticed something too cute for words.  Can you see those "wall hangings"?  Do you know what those are?  

Bundt pans!  Painted bundt pans.  

Too cute and clever for words.  This would be so easy and fun for either some kitchen decor for yourself...or of course I immediately styled an event (in my mind) around these fun little darlings!  How cute would this be for a dessert backdrop?  What a wonderful way to bring some color into an event, especially one for someone who loves to bake.  

Have you read The Baker Chick blog?  She pretty much rocks and is like a little sister to me.  She's getting married in August and if I was planning her bridal shower, you can bet that I'd be collecting and spray painting bundt pans until I was blue in the face!  

Inspiration is truly everywhere...what did you see this weekend that inspired you?  

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