Friday, February 17, 2012


Isn't it fun when new things get introduced into your life?  And then you become a little bit obsessed with them...oh wait, is that just me?  

Here are a few things that are new to me in the past few weeks.  And yes, I'm mildly obsessed with them all.  
Shailene Woodley.  Um, did you see The Descendants?  If that wasn't enough to make me love her, then she went and killed it on the red carpet at the Globes.  Amazing.  She rocks.  

A friend recently made me a delicious cocktail and when she told me that it was just vodka and Peach Fresca I couldn't believe it!  Peach Fresca.  New obsession.  Not sure how it tastes on it's own, but damn delicious as a mixer!  

There are no words for how much I love it.  No words.    

This is my new favorite mascara.  It stays on so well, won't give you black under eye from all that smiling you do and makes your lashes look fabulous.  

I adore instagram.  I am not sure how I lived before I had it.  I feel like I see the world through an instagram filter now, which is not a bad thing.  

What are you into lately?  DO some discovering of something new this weekend and then tell me about it, so I can add it to my newly obsessed about things!  

Have a special weekend y'all! 



  1. Yes I totally understand the "obsessed" thing. All this week I've been listening to "Somebody that I used to know" by Gotye on repeat. Ob-sessed

  2. Yes and yes and YES! And was the peach cocktail mixed by Siri, per chance? She is a major fresca + alcohol advocate;) So glad you're back to blogging again. Need more J in my life! xo

  3. Hot yoga. I discovered it in the fall, but I'm still obsessed.