Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - just some things

I've been a little distracted lately, so I decided to just fill today's Wedding Wednesday with some things that I love and have been in my "inspiration" folder for a while now.  There's no real theme to today's post, partly because these things just make me happy and partly because I'm feeling like I just want to share a bunch of happiness with you.    

Enjoy all the pretty pictures...I hope they inspire you and fill you with ideas and beauty.  

Balloons and confetti are SO happy!  And a great idea to make your e-pics festive.  

I'd love to do this for a couple as their escort card set-up.  How fabulous would that be?! To find your seat with a glass of champagne?  Fun.  Way fun.  

Could this cake and set-up be any more stunning?  

I'm always giddy for a good napkin treatment and I love this one because of it's casual elegance.  I love the double grosgrain ribbon and the billy button/leaf combo.  

May I please have this dress in white for a perfect little Bride that I know?   

Don't you just want to nuzzle up to this fluffy, cotton candy-like bouquet?  

What a fun, festive and DIY-able way to jazz up your aisle.  

Loving this ruffle cake.  Simple, fun and sweet.  

I hope you enjoyed all the random-ness!  There's so much beauty out there, it's nice to save the pictures that you see that bring you joy and inspire you.  Make your own inspiration folder, even if your not getting married, but particularly if you are and you'll be able to reference it for ideas or for a general boost of pretty when you need it.  

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  1. That very first pic (the balloons/confetti) was in my saved "wedding" folder! Didn't love anything particular about it but it was just so fun!