Friday, January 28, 2011

cool koozie

My husband and I love koozies (or coozies, whichever floats your boat).  This may sound lame, but we've been working on a pretty decent collection.  We like to pick one up if we travel somewhere cool, for example we got one in Tahiti while we were on our honeymoon and we just picked one up in South Carolina over Thanksgiving.  Who doesn't love a koozie?  I mean, don't you like your beer to stay nice and cold while your hand stays warm and condensation free?  Yes is the answer, in case you were hesitating.  

Yesterday we officially cancelled our trip to Dallas (sad) and since my favorite Packer fan was pretty devastated, I decided I'd get him some new Packer gear to cheer him up.  I wanted to find a special koozie that he could use for the Super Bowl.  And I'm pretty sure I hit the jackpot.  Check it out.  

That's right, it's a turf koozie.  I can't wait to surprise him with it!  I think it's hilarious.  While I was looking for the perfect Super Bowl-worthy koozie, I also came across this...

It's a green and gold mitten koozie.  So basically when it's cold out and you're tailgating (hello Lambeau Field) you don't have to wear a mitten AND hold a koozie, this is one stop shopping.  Pretty amazing if you ask me.  Check out KnittyTracy's etsy shop for more pictures and details.  This one didn't make the cut for Super Bowl Sunday because it's in the mid-70's here...far too warm for a mitten.   

So, while we won't be in attendance at the Super Bowl, we will be sporting some new gear and Adam will have his super cool turf koozie...that's a good alternative right?  I think so.  

Have a great weekend everyone!  


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