Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wedding Wednesday (on Thursday) - sweet treat

First it was the candy bar that took the wedding world by storm.  Then the dessert bar came and settled in, and I believe it's here to stay.  But now, people are really making a dessert bar their own.  What do you love?  Put it on your dessert buffet to make your wedding day even more special.  

a homemade pie buffet
coordinated by: shanna lumpkin events 

a whoopie pie spread

And then I saw this...  Are you ready for this?  Really ready?  
image by: Carly Taylor

That's right, this creative event stylist created a CHURRO BAR!  I know.  She did it for a game night (can I get an invite to that game night, please?)  but you could completely take this and modify it for a wedding.  Check out her entire post about it HERE.  She even includes a template to create that adorable sign.  I'm so glad I found her blog, it is really incredible.    

Just goes to show you that you can do anything you'd like to on your dessert bar.  Make it your own.  Get creative.  Your guests will love it and probably talk about it long after your wedding.    

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