Friday, December 10, 2010

free wreath

Isn't this wreath pretty?  No, it wasn't free because I stole it off the neighbor's door, it was free because I made it!!!  Here's what happened....

We were at the Christmas tree lot and the time came for them to give us a fresh cut on the bottom as well as take a few branches off.  I looked down at all of the abandoned branches that had been cut off from previous trees and felt like they needed a home.  They shouldn't be trash just because they're at the bottom, right?  So I asked the man if I could have a few and he told me to take as many as I'd like.  Nice!  So I grabbed as many as my little hands could, asked Adam to take a handful too and came home to put my imagination to work.  I've never made a homemade wreath, but I thought I'd try my hand at it.  

Luckily I had some floral tape and floral wire in my craft box, so I went into my closet and got out a wire coat hanger and went to work.  So, here's my "Making A Wreath How To"...

First, shape the wire hanger into the shape you desire your wreath to be.  
Then, cover it with floral tape so that if parts don't get covered, they will be hidden in green.  

(now it's a green hanger) 

Then, and this is where I got too excited and involved to take just cut off branches that you like and begin to arrange them around the wreath.  Don't secure anything down yet because as you work your way around you might want to change things a bit.  Once you get the initial base that you like, take the floral wire and start to secure each branch to the hanger.  Once the base wreath is secured, you can start to add other pieces to create the fullness and look that you enjoy.  Add a big bow or some baby Jesus' (remember that wreath in Steel Magnolias??) and hang it proudly.  

I made this one for my best friend, because she loves glitter and all things sparkly.  
(glitter ornament wreath) 

GO get a coat hanger and raid your local tree lot and try your hand at making your own's fun and most importantly it's FREE!  

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  1. Um...I LOVE it so much! It's hanging on my front door as I write this! xo