Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - grand exit wardrobe

I adore a grand exit.  The party is over yet the newlyweds life together is just beginning.  So what's better than to send them off with fanfare and showers of love?  I also think it's best for a Bride and Groom to leave their reception when it is at it's peak.  There's nothing more sad than a Bride who sticks around to see her dream reception and vision being broken down by her team of vendors.  Trust me, it's much better to leave before you see the first chair being stacked.  All of these reasons are why a grand exit is a huge YES in my book.  But what to wear for your grand exit, now that's where the fun comes in.  

Ever since I was little and saw this moment....
I thought this is what my grand exit would be like.  Me changing into a pale pink suit, having my mom send me off with her best words of wisdom and a corsage.    

Or calling my Dad from the airport to say thank you, like this Bride did...

But in today's modern world this rarely happens.  There's often a morning after brunch or a gift opening party the following day.  Long gone are the days when the Bride changed for the grand exit because she and her new husband were headed straight to the airport to board a plane for their honeymoon.    

But what if we brought this back?  Or at least the feeling of it.  You can achieve this by changing your outfit just before your grand exit.  Change into something classic, ditch your bustle and your bouquet for a sheath and a clutch.  It has a very Jackie O feeling to it, which I adore!  

Just like this Bride did.  In my opinion, this is just perfection.  
photo by: Michael Bennett Kress via THIS 

Here are a few dress options that I think will wow your guests as you grand exit into your new life.  

For the modern Bride:
 Lela Rose 

For the traditional Bride: 
 Eliza J 

For the flirty Bride: 

For the vintage Bride: 

For the beach Bride: 
 J Crew

For the classic Bride: (and my personal favorite) 
Stella McCartney

See?  There's a getaway dress out there for every kind of Bride.  I love this wardrobe change and hope that it's on its way back.  It doesn't have to be a blush and bashful suit like Shelby's was...but we can take a note from that classic, southern beauty!  

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