Thursday, October 14, 2010


A while ago I got this sunny yellow pot and I still love to cook in it.  One of my most favorite things to make is Baked French Onion soup.  It really is so yummy.  I use Tyler Florence's recipe and I follow it pretty much exactly because I love it.  The only thing is that I feel his timing is a bit off.  It always takes me much longer to cook off the wine than he says.  

While I pretty much follow the recipe exactly, I do have a few tips that I've adopted since I tend to make it so much.  

- Tear the baguette into small pieces.  Rather than slicing the baguette, I like to cut (or tear) the baguette into pieces because I hate trying to cut the bread with my spoon after it's all smothered in cheeeese.  

- Toast the baguette pieces.  Before placing the bread into the soup and into the oven, if you toast the pieces it prevents them from becoming soggy.  

- Use a lot of cheese.  I mean, duh.  Cheese makes everything better.  The recipe calls for Gryuere, which is incredible and so tasty but also rather expensive.  You can use Swiss cheese if you are looking to cook on a dime.  

I hope you make this soon, because I think you'll love it!  Enjoy!  

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