Saturday, October 16, 2010

i'm a bridesmaid

Yesterday I went shopping with my best friend who is getting married next year.  I'm a bridesmaid in the wedding and I'm very excited to be!  I have only been a bridesmaid a few times and I just love it.  I guess this is no surprise since I love weddings so much, but being a bridesmaid is just extra special to me.  I also think it's really fun to be on the other side of a wedding for a little while.  Rather than being the planner/coordinator making sure everything is running smoothly...I get to be the fun, cocktail drinking, dance floor savvy best friend!  I can't wait!  

We went to Jenny Yoo and found some BEAUTIFUL dresses.  So well made, so fun and flirty, and just so pretty.  Here's a sneak peek at what we found and loved.  We'll see if she ends up picking these because we're still on the hunt, but I had to share because they're just too cute!  

These pictures are from the Jenny Yoo lookbook:

I love.  I think they're sweet and flirty and fun and girly.  I'll keep you updated on the search and what she ends up picking.  And if I decide to wear a flower the size of my head.  (hint: not going to happen)

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