Friday, July 16, 2010

vacation ready

Today I spent the day getting ready for our one year anniversary trip to Palm Springs. 

I cleaned house.   (does anyone else clean house before they leave for a trip?  I love coming home to a spotless house)  

I did laundry and packed.  

I shopped a little.  

And I got my nails did.  

Funny thing about me is this....I don't take many risks in my daily life.  Not in my fashion sense, not in my actions.  But every once in a while I'll throw an unexpected color on my nails and feel like a certifiable bad a**, which is exactly what I did today.  

I know, gold polish is not really that daring, but for me any departure from "mademoiselle" is pretty bold.  Especially this.  It's ok though...cause I'm going on vacation!  I've got hot pink toes and gold fingers, so look out cause...

Vacation ON!  


  1. You have Hand Model hands.

    I have to have to HAVE TO clean my house before I go places. Can you imagine coming home to an unmade bed and dishes in the sink? No. I love packing too.

    YAY, you'll have so much fun! Congrats on 1 year!

  2. What color polish did you use on your nails? I love it! I have been searching for the perfect gold and have yet to find it...

    Have a great vacation! Happy Anniversary!

  3. You're probably in Palm Springs, but I read your Truvy line and had to hop on board the train. Your nail polish is wonderful, and your ring...di-vine sister!!