Monday, July 12, 2010

pretty perfect days

Yesterday was one of those kind of days...a pretty perfect kind of day.  We spent the day at the beach with family.  Munchkins who love to play, cousins who we adore spending time with, and an aunt and uncle who pretty much rock.  Here are a few highlights...

After helping Aunt Marge with a gorgeous drip sand castle, Adam, Katelyn and I built "Sport City".  A bit of advice, take an engineer to the beach to help you build sand castles...they'll be so solid and have all sorts of fancy moats and spillways.  

Justin loves to model.  If you ask him to pose, this is what you get.  Amazing.  

This little one held my hand on the way to get yogurt after dinner and said, "I miss you when you're not here."  MELTED my heart.  I adore her.  

Have you EVER seen a more gorgeous pregnant woman?  I have not.  Can't wait to meet Baby Newman!  

Hope you had a pretty perfect day this weekend too!  


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  1. How sweet! My son loves 'family days' (he means weekends). He's also quite the poser and he's only four!