Wednesday, July 21, 2010

back from the desert

It was so hot in Palm Springs.  Center of the sun kind of hot.  We didn't know that most of Palm Springs shuts down for the summer, so we had a very low key, quiet weekend.  Which was actually a little bit perfect.  Despite the heat, we had an amazing time celebrating our love and our first year of wedded bliss.  Here's a little look into some highlights.  

We drank a lot of champagne.  You know, you need to stay hydrated in the desert.

We didn't stray too far from our hotel because we fell in love with the Colony Palms.  And because everything else was closed.

We ate the top tier of our cake while lounging in the beautiful Moroccan styled bed.    

We relived our wedding day on Sunday which was so fun.  We'd look over at the clock and talk about exactly what we were doing one year ago.  We played the songs of our reception and had a mini dance party in the room.  We made new memories and had some delicious meals.  

One year later...and I'm more in love with him than ever.  Now onto year two!  

143, J 


  1. This is fantastic! I'm so happy to hear you didn't melt. Your hotel looks fantastic!!

    I want you to stop by and enter the giveaway I'm hosting with CSN for 2 people to win an Ebelskiver pan and the turning tools - if unfamiliar ebelskivers are mini danish inspired filled pancakes that are super easy to make and absolutely delicious. chocolate filled pancakes anyone? how about raspberry?

    might be a nice anniversary gift for you and the hubs :) my bf is a chef and we use our pan all the time.

    here's the link if you're interested. everyone is welcome!!

  2. What a lovely post. I'm always curious, how does the cake taste one year later?!

  3. VERY lovely. Congrats you two!! So craving that desert heat. We must talk soon. Yes? YES. Will email in next few days. xo

  4. Thanks ladies! Siri - the cake was pretty good actually! The outside frosting was a bit off, but the cake and the filling was surprisingly good.

    K - YES! Can't wait to chat and to plan and to hear all about your travels.