Friday, July 30, 2010

favorite places

Tonight I took my husband to the airport and now I'm bumming.  Not just because I'm going to miss him, but because he's headed to one of our most favorite cities...without me.  

Madison, WI.  

I love it so much.  It's home to me.  It's not just because I went to college there and I miss the "glory days," it's because this city is amazing.  

The Lakes, the people, The Farmer's Market, The Terrace, Spotted Cow, cheese curds, a little bar named Blue Moon that is home to the best burger I've ever eaten, the SSB at Amy's Cafe, Bucky, Camp Randall, Dotty's, food carts, Capitol Square...the list could be endless.  

I wonder if it's an amazing place to visit and we need to just savor the time that we get to spend there.  Or if Madison is where we will end up one day?  It's hard to say, because we love our life here very much and have worked hard to have that life.  Maybe it's a case of grass is always greener, I guess only time will tell.  If you've never been to Madison, please put it on your list because you'll adore it.  If you have ever lived there, do you miss it sometimes like I'm missing it now?  

For now, I'll sit on my patio, open a cold beer and pretend that I'm at the Terrace with my best friend.  

On Wis!  

I just had to share this picture because I think it's awesome.  


  1. Jess, I miss Madison EVERY SINGLE DAY!

  2. You summed up my feelings exactly! I have Badger bumps!

  3. i have never been there, but i am now putting it on my traveling list. have a happy weekend! :D

    <3, Mimi

  4. I want to be there! I also have Badger Bumps. Pit in my stomach wanting to be there this fall!