Monday, June 7, 2010

patio goodness

I do not have a green thumb.  My garden patio is mostly dead and very sad at me right now.  But there are two things out there that I adore and that love me back (without needing water...watering plants is hard!).  

This little guy and I have been in love since 2004.  We met at a market in Prague where he bounced right into my backpack and continued to travel through Europe with me and B.  He lives on the patio and he loves it out there.  Can't you tell?  

There's nothing as good as your nephew building and painting a birdhouse for you.  Makes for the best Christmas present, ever.  This little treasure also lives on the patio.  It brings me such joy.  

Who needs plants on the patio?  


  1. Loving the pics...from the new camera?? WOOHOO and Happy Birthday! Did you get my el randomo email btw?? xo

  2. The hummingbird. He needs some Jessi love. He misses his lavender. We'll go shopping when I get there. XOMom

  3. Sis..
    Jake saw the birdhouse and was very happy...he's glad you put it out on the patio and it brings you joy!!! Hugs and love from your bro!!!