Friday, June 4, 2010

My Baby Got A New Toy

My husband has had a dream since he was nine years old.  Well, he's had many (like throwing a football with Brett Favre) but he's had one in particular about a certain sort of man-toy.  As long as I've known him, he's dreamt of owning a Harley Davidson.    

And now he does.  

The boy is VERY happy!  And I say boy because he has been acting like a little kid at Christmas since he got it.  It's wonderful to see him so enthusiastic about something he's wanted for so long.  He worked his bootie off, saved his money...and made his dream come true.  I think that's inspiring.  Life often gets in the way of things like this, but my husband is nothing if not determined. 

I talked him out of the motorcycle jacket with the flames on it.   Yes, I said flames!  I'm very supportive about this motorcycle dream, but I cannot get behind a jacket with flames up the sleeves.  I'm terrified for his safety, but I'm trying not to think about that and just be a badass motorcycle chic.  Trying very hard.  

Maybe there will be some pictures of the badass motorcycle chic soon.  


  1. Welcome to the club. Just brace yourself for the highway, it's terrifying. It doesn't seem normal, being out in the open and so close to cars. Carson drives very face and refuses to do that weave-through-the-cars-during-traffic trick, thank god. I'm sure your "boy" will do just fine too!

  2. Nice bike...tell Adam congrats! I could never own one because I love going fast and most likely would kill myself.

  3. Tell Adam....well congrats....I'll work on that throwing a football w ole no 4.....Hope to see some pics w/ you on the back of the hog...well mama might not like those too sis!!!


  4. I had a dream about you and the bike last night. We were shopping for some leather chaps for you. You thought it was the most rediculous idea -- so unfashionable. ;)