Friday, June 4, 2010

Day of Birth.

Yesterday this little girl turned 29.  

It was a magical day.  
All morning spent at the spa with my favorite lady.  Playful afternoon, homemade cake and a special dinner with my best friend and true love.  

I thought I wanted an old fashioned birthday party...but what I've realized in my "wiser" age is that simply time spent with those that you're closest to is the perfect way to celebrate your birthday. 
Baking and drinking mid-afternoon is the only way to make a birthday cake! 

Here's to an amazing year ahead.  

the child of 29 years


  1. You looked like the happiest little girl. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  2. Nice pic sis!!! whats that from..Buena vista pictures???? lol or is that after you cut all your hair you had a happy birthday!!!!! tell AJ..the beer goes in the